Lip Smacking eater gives my right ear a wet-willy.

So this guy sitting down in the video is to my right from where I sit at my desk. He eats all the time and I know this because every time he does, my right ear feels like it’s getting licked or s wet-willy. This dude eats with his mouth open all the time, making every lip-smacking chew audible, a sound that I find extremely annoying. I don’t mind the crunching of someone chewing into a chip or the tinkering of silverware and dishes. But when someone chews with their mouth open for everyone to see and hear, it bugs the crap out of me. You can’t really hear the guy smacking his lips in the video, but I assure you…I can. I didn’t have a good angle either because of the length of the cord on my webcam and also trying to keep him from seeing the camera. Enjoy.

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